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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Missed another day

Well, it looks like I pushed it too hard yesterday and stayed home again today. I think my boss has pretty much banished me from the office for the rest of the week. I understand -- her immune system isn't the best right now plus her grandmother is very sick and I'm sure she doesn't want me to give her anything for her own sake or that she could carry to her grandma. I have no idea what I'm going to do about my trip with my friend to the Celebration of Needlework show in NH at the end of April, as I've had to use some vacation days for that and will be down to one, maybe two days instead of four. I can deal with that, but I feel awful for my friend. I'm sure she'll understand -- she's a good friend -- but I still feel bad. Oh well. I really really hope this is that last of my winter nonsense.

I am still going in tomorrow morning for the EARN Center event in the morning, but I think I'll just come back home and work from here. Then Saturday morning I need to go to the Health Expo we're running, but that's just a few hours in the morning. I probably won't do the wellness walk because it's supposed to rain and I think that would REALLY be pushing it.



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