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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Great weekend!

I got back from San Francisco about Midnight last night and went straight to bed. I planned on taking today off from work and am thankful I did!

I had a great time! I got in very late Friday and Saturday we went to this fantastic little place called Ella's where we ate breakfast on Saturday and Sunday - Best. Pancakes. Ever! The pancakes were lemon ginger oatmeal and were divine. Then we went to a very high-end wood furniture store to look at a table my sister has been eyeing for a while. I hope she didn't take me to talk her out of it, because the table is stunning. She ordered a square version of the table (the one they had was rectangular) and two chairs. They are made of cherry and are really pieces of art and get made to order in Maine. We both went home and hung out for a while and napped, then went to get pizza and see the Midnight showing of "The Princess Bride" at the small theater down the street. That was a lot of fun. I just love how there are so many interesting places within walking distance from where she lives.

Sunday we went up to Sonoma for a while after breakfast and did a little shopping. Later that evening we went to a luxurious spa and she bought me an 80-minute facial and they gave me trial-sized products to take home. Great stuff!

Monday she had to work part of the day, so I spent a lot of time reading. I didn't wander as much as I usually do when I visit because of my foot pain. I read "The Other Boleyn Girl" and finished it that day -- great book, gotta see the movie. Then we went to a Thai place for dinner.

I got a cab to take me to the airport at Noon on Tuesday, but I had time to check out a stitching place that was about a 15-minute walk away. It's called SF Stitch and was mostly for needlepoint but had huge amounts of silk floss and some other stuff. I ended up buying a few magazines and some books and next time I visit I plan on raiding all that beautiful silk floss they have. It's a great little shop on Sacramento.

So, now I'm back in reality and have to go to work tomorrow, but those little trips to San Francisco always help me feel better. I think it's the combination of being in a city I really enjoy, seeing my sister who I don't see often, and having the time to do anything I want -- or nothing. :)



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