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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Almost there!

I've been acting like a little kid getting ready to go to Disney all week, lol. I'm really looking forward to getting out to see my sister and San Francisco for the weekend. The week is going slowly but still too fast, as tonight I need to do some laundry and pack my clothes to take to work tomorrow for Friday. That way I don't have to lug them around on Friday when I have to be at the EARN Center for most of the day.

I think I've been doing well with my eating. Yesterday I went to a luncheon and they had some really good chicken and vegetables. I ate all the veggies, some of the pasta and much of the chicken. However, I didn't feel the need to clean my plate as I usually do, so I wasn't stuffed and uncomfortable. I had a little cake, but wasn't thrilled with it so only had two pieces and left it. Everybody did the same thing, as the desert was set out with the salad before dinner. By the time we got to it, it was stale and crusty from sitting out too long. Blech. That's one way to get me to not eat the cake. Next time I see a set-up like that, I'm going to eat my salad then my cake. If people give me weird looks, fine. They'll be the ones to miss out on fresh cake. :)

I'm up ridiculously early this morning, so I guess I'll go ahead and get ready for work and go in early so I can leave a little early and get my laundry going. I should have done some last night, but I wasn't feeling my best and went to bed early.

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