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Friday, January 18, 2008

Too tired to sleep

I'm sure you've all been there. You're absolutely exhausted and your body and mind hurt and you just want to sleep, but you lie there wide awake. So, I decided to get on my blog and get things off my chest.

In the past month, maybe a little more:

--I had the foot problem and tendonitis in the left foot and wrist. They are better, but still wearing the braces because they aren't great.

--Had a back problem that lasted most of last week and made me lose 3.5 days of work. I sometimes get sciatica and all I can do is take muscle relaxers and pain meds and do nothing but lie around for a few days. Sitting is awful. Luckily it was pretty much over in a week and I had enough sick time to cover it.

--Earlier this week broke a tooth that had a crown on it. Luckily, the tooth seems to be dead so it doesn't hurt. Made an appointment to see dentist this morning, but had to cancel because...

--I cut my middle finger on right hand opening the #$!@$%@ can of cat food and had to go to the ER to get a few stitches and a tetanus shot.

I keep telling myself that I'm getting all my injuries for the year out of the way now, but that cat food thing this morning really ticked me off. I haven't been to the ER in over 20 years, and to go for something that stupid is irritating, but I'm also laughing because this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. So that whole ER thing first thing this morning really tired me out. I went to work and was somewhat productive and then came home.

Another thing that has been bothering me is what feels like the break-up of one of my favorite stitching boards. Apparently, there was a disagreement between admins and there are now two boards. There's no us vs. them or anything like that, and both boards seem very keen on keeping it that way. I'm not sure what happened, and I like most of the people on that original board very much. I think many of us will be going back and forth between boards for a while, but realistically people will probably gravitate more toward one than the other. I was afraid that this would happen when we had admin problems a few months back, although that was a completely different issue. Oh well. Just gotta get used to the idea that things just don't stay the same forever; people come and people go. I'm going to do my best to visit both because I like people at both boards. I'm surprised I'm as bothered by it as I am, but I guess I always felt that board to be a safe haven and that somehow that safe haven has been violated. Keep in mind I'm very tired and irritated about other things, so I'm probably a little over emotional.

Now, hopefully I can go to sleep. :)

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  • At 12:14 AM, Blogger Suz said…

    The split up of the boards caught me by surprise. I know I'm just a lurker, so I'm not surprised I missed the drama. When the other board moves to Yuku, I'll still lurk there too, since I like a lot of the people and chatting.

    I know how you feel about the injury thing. I'm in freakin' rehab for my ankle and I'm going in for surgery on my face? Is the year over with yet, because I've had enough!


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