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Friday, January 11, 2008

Thank you, Carson Kressley!

So I just watched two episodes of Carson's Look Good Naked and have such emotions about it. I was crying along with the women when they looked in the mirror and realized how beautiful they really are, even though they aren't perfect. It was very interesting to see how many extra inches they added on to their weigh due to their own misconceptions of what they really look like. As someone who has battled my weight all my life, I really can empathize with them. It's so refreshing to see somebody help women see how beautiful they are, rather than tell them what parts of their bodies they need to change to be beautiful. Of course, there are still lots of people who think you aren't beautiful unless you have a flat stomach, but screw 'em, lol.

As I've mentioned in the past, I no longer diet. Since making that decision, I lost about 10 pounds and have pretty much stayed in that range, give or take a pound here and there. I'm going to get back into some sort of exercise regimen next week, possibly over the weekend. It's nothing huge, just getting in 30 minutes of exercise, five days a week. This is in addition to my walking I do to and from work. There really is no reason for me not to get in 30 minutes on an almost daily basis -- except this past week. I wanted to start this past Monday, but I woke up with a bad back and was actually at home mostly sleeping from Monday through Thursday due to the sciatica problem and the muscle relaxers they gave me to help. It did help, though, and I went to work today and can once again sit without too many problems. So, I don't want to push it yet, but early next week should be fine.

So, thanks Carson! Between this show and What Not to Wear, I've really started to gain confidence regarding how I present myself.

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