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Thursday, December 27, 2007

2008 Goals

Here's my ongoing StRIP list. As usual, I changed some things around but I keep at it because it helps me keep some sort of control over my stitching stash, except for when I go to stitching festivals. :)

Mermaid of the Pearls (DONE) + Why Hoard Gold? (DONE) > New Year's Fairy
Angel of the New Dawn + Ouroborus > Christmas Cat
Skeleton Crew + Christmas Elf Fairy (DONE) > 2007 Mirabilia Christmas Tree
DT mini bellpull + 1998 L&L angel > Cinnamon Bear
Easter Fairy (DONE) + Alpine Garden > L&L County Fair
Autumn Angel + Oh Christmas Tree > Valentine Fairy
Garden Verses + Rose Celebration > Thanksgiving Fairy
Fairie Treasure + Angel of the Sea > Moon Fairy Spirit
Earth Dragon + TW English Garden Welcome > Titanic
Spring Queen + Sweet Dreams Santa > Blossom Harvest
Misty Morning Vineyard > Egyptian Garden

Guilt-Free January Starts
Mermaids of the Deep Blue
Tsunami Sampler (may use different colors)
The Ribbon Topiary (stitched in teal instead of pink)

2008 Finish Goals (the last three are less likely, but we'll see)
Angel of the New Dawn
Skeleton Crew
10 Ornaments
2007 Mirabilia Tree
Autumn Angel
Alpine Garden
New Year's Fairy
Thanksgiving Fairy
The Ribbon Topiary (teal)
Garden Verses
Rose Celebration
Oh Christmas Tree

Other 2008 Starts
Mermaids of the Deep Blue
Tsunami Sampler
New Year's Fairy
L&L County Fairy
2007 Mirabilia Christmas Tree
Christmas Cat

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  • At 3:59 PM, Blogger Suz said…

    I'll be looking forward to the progress you make stitching. I know that I'm not-stitching (supposedly, except for a UFORR) until my thesis is finished, but many of my projects mirror yours (Skeleton Crew, Oury, the two Fairies, et al).

    Great progress last year, and Here's hoping that frogs never haunt your presence this year!


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