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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yeesh! I can't hold my booze anymore

In college (early 90s), I could drink shots of Bacardi 151 and not even feel it in the morning. Now, when I go out once in a while for happy hour I get three beers tops and eat while I'm drinking (and drink water) and can get pretty happy. Of course, I plan ahead of time and don't even drive to the train station those mornings, I take the trolley so I don't have to step foot in a car on the way home.

I just sat down with a nice glass of some Riesling I picked up in NY over Christmas. I have had not even half a glass and I wouldn't drive down the block, lol. I probably should eat something, as I haven't eaten since about 2PM and it's 7:30, but still...

Guess I'm a cheap drunk. I do love my non-dry white wines and my Yuengling beer, though. :)



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