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Monday, August 06, 2007

Sick of hearing about the Duggars

OK, so they had another child. I personally don't agree with it, but people don't personally agree with everything I do, so there you go. They appear to be cared for and doing well, so that's that.

What bothers me is that this one family gets so much attention when there are others out there who do more for this world. Whenever I hear about the Duggars, I think of a kid who used to work for me at Burger King about 12 or so years ago. Stuart was 18, one of 21 kids -- yes, 21. He was the second oldest so you can imagine how many little ones were running around. Some of them were her natural children. However, the vast majority were adopted and some were foster kids she was planning to adopt. I was never at the house so can't speak for it. I do know that Stuart was a great employee. He was funny and helpful, pitched in where I needed him, and the customers thought he was great. He wasn't surly or grumpy.

Stuart's parents, to me, are examples of real heroes when it comes to kids. They took in kids who had nowhere to go and gave them a loving home. I also think of the people who take in kids who are born with all sorts of mental and physical problems and addictions. You don't hear about them very often, do you? No, we only hear about a woman who has the ability to give birth to 17 children and wants more. Again, I really do think they are cared for, but it bothers me that this one family gets so much attention when there are others out there scraping by just to help kids who aren't as fortunate.

I also think of a woman I work with, who was telling me about how her mom used to teach kids in Camden, NJ (one of the worst if not THE worst places in the country). Not only were these kids living in horrible communities, but they were mentally challenged in various ways. This woman, and others like her, didn't have to do this for a living, making mediocre (if not worse) pay. Yet there they are, doing what they can to help kids in unspeakable situations, trying to help them get as far as possible.

I really wish the media would focus on people like that, people who are helping the kids in awful situations and those already here, rather than focusing on one family simply because it's large and the kids all dress alike. I know I could not do what Stuart's mom and my coworker's mom do. I don't have that in me, which is why I am so in awe of people who can give of themselves in such a way.

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  • At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I often wonder how they can truly give each of these kids the love and attention they need. From wathing the television show it really seems sort of clinical the way they do things, not real familish, know what I mean? Just because you can give birth doesn't always mean you should, speaking from the mother of an only child point of view.


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