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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

C'mon Fall!

August is always tough for me -- usually the hottest summer month and at the end of the season when I just want to move on to fall. I looooove fall, my favorite season. I've been perusing various websites and stores, just looking to see what I can add to my wardrobe this year -- a few skirts, some cool colored and textured tights and thigh highs, etc. Last year I had my black and my brown tights and loved them. This year I plan on buying a pair of thigh highs to see if I like them, and also some textured tights that I can layer over some other tights for a cool effect with an otherwise solid color outfit. I actually wear skirts more in the fall and winter because my legs look better in tights than bare, and it's too darn hot to wander around the city in summer wearing pantyhose if I can help it. Hee hee, my summer skirts are long and my winter skirts are mostly knee length or a little shorter. Weird.

I did buy some wide calf boots from Torrid. I've never bought from there but have heard they have great stuff. There are some other items I want to eventually order, but for now I bought some high black boots. I'm soooo looking forward to wearing high boots this year. I wanted to last year but just didn't find any I liked that fit my huge calves. I figure I can wear them with a shorter skirt with some tights and look almost cute. :)



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