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Friday, September 01, 2006

Musing on Movies

See, this is what happens when you give me a day off -- serial blog postings. :)

Are there any actors that you so strongly identify with one particular role that you have trouble accepting them in other roles? What actors do you find the most versatile (i.e. it is easy to accept them in a wide variety of rolls)?

They aren't movie characters, but for me it's the "Seinfeld" cast. Judging from the difficulty many of them have had finding new roles, I guess it's not just me. There was a short-lived sitcom starring Jason Alexander as a father, and I couldn't watch it because I kept picturing him as George Costanza and couldn't POSSIBLY picture him as a father. Same with Michael Richards and his Kramer character. I was glad to see that Julia Louis-Dreyfus just won an Emmy for her new tv show. Maybe she's broken that curse. I feel bad that I can't get past those characters, but "Seinfeld" is my favorite tv show ever and it's tough to get beyond those roles.

I think one of the most versatile actors today is Johnny Depp. I think he could play any role you gave him. I also think Russell Crowe can play different roles. Same for Cate Blanchett.



  • At 5:22 AM, Blogger Reel Fanatic said…

    I agree with you about Johnny Depp, but if I may suggest another young actor who seems to have those chameleon skills (though it pains me to say it), Leonardo DiCaprio .. He should have won an Oscar for "The Aviator" and he should be fantastic in "The Departed"


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