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Monday, August 28, 2006

Yay, they're moving!

Don't remember if I posted this, but the loud obnoxious upstairs neighbors are moving! Of course, the downside is that they are banging around up there more and earlier and later than before, but it's for a good cause. This morning at 6AM I guess they decided to clean off their balcony, which is right above the window near where I sleep. It's been nice so the window's been open and all of a sudden there's this SPLASH because some of the water came in my window. I just slammed the window shut and figured I had to get up to go to work anyway.

Ever since these people moved in I've had lots of water problems. Before it was the kitchen sink, which was finally fixed when they put in a check valve. Only took a few years of flooding for that to get fixed, and now there's a decent amount of water damage in my apartment. With these people, I had water coming down into my kitchen because they were running a washing machine they claim not to run, then went out somewhere and it flooded their kitchen and came into mine. I'm also pretty sure they are the ones flushing things that aren't supposed to be flushed, which backs up my bathroom pretty badly. Every time this happens we find little blue aquarium rocks and they have an aquarium that holds these rocks. Now, I'm trying to get our landlord to do something about the bugs that have taken up residence. I've been there over 8 years now and this is the first time I've had this problem, and I'm pretty sure I know where it's coming from. Of course, if they'd spray the entire building at once instead of a little squirt in the apartment that is having the problem, maybe they'd get rid of them instead of chasing them.

So, I'm very glad these people are moving. I hope the replacements aren't worse -- it's always possible.

I'm so close to finishing Lady of the Flag it's driving me insane! I wish I'd had today off so I could finish the stitching. I'm down the the LIBERTY section at the bottom and have stitched some of it and a little of the area below it. I also was able to scratch a few items off my 101 list. Well, I posted here first but will be scratching them off momentarily. I did quite a bit of cleaning on Saturday and the backs of my legs are still pretty sore lol. I did a lot of scrubbing and I can't kneel because of a knee problem that causes a bump below my knee to stick out farther than my knee cap when my knee is bent and it hurts to put weight on it for very long. So, I guess I did more squat-type moves than I realized. Well, that's one way to get some added muscle. :)



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