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Friday, September 01, 2006

Changed plans

Well, I'm not going to NY this weekend but will go later in the month. I won't be able to stay as long but that's OK. As I thought may happen, Dana's husband wasn't able to get back home in time yesterday from work so that we could go to get a car. Fine with me, as he's got a new supervisory position and that has to come first. Also, I was thinking about putting the trip off anyway, after seeing the weather forecast for the weekend up here. I don't like the idea of driving 5-6 hours one-way on Labor Day Weekend in bad rain in a car I'm not used to. I think that's just asking for trouble. My mom agrees and knows I'll get up there when I can.

So, instead I'm going to have a nice 4-day weekend at home, which is fine with me. I was tired all week but didn't realize how tired until this morning -- when I woke up at 10:30AM! I usually end up automatically waking up no later than 7AM on the weekends and get up around 6AM during the week. So, I guess I really needed the sleep and would have been that much more tired if I'd stayed out late getting a car last night and waking up at the crack of dawn this morning to travel.



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