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Monday, August 28, 2006

My little scaredy cat!

I love my Smokey Cat, but he really is a chicken in disguise. I'm in the livingroom stitching a little while ago (about 10:30PM) with the window across the room open, Smokey is in the window watching what's going on outside. My screen is a little loose but doesn't come out. All of a sudden there's a ruckus in the window and he jumps on to the table, does a weird hop-skip thing, and lands on the floor looking like some huge thing was over there. Of course, my first thought is that a garter snake or something came in the window lol. Not sure how possible that is, but my window is only about a foot or so off the ground. So, he's looking and looking from his safe spot on the floor, looking very concerned. I'm looking, also from MY safe spot, also looking very concerned, but don't see anything. After a while get gets back on the window sill but keeps looking down in the area of the floor and glass table where he did his little dance. Finally I see something move. I go over to investigate and I find...

a cricket. A stupid little black cricket. The thing will probably drive me crazy later but it got away from me because I was both laughing and disgusted by how that cat had me convinced something terrrrrrrible got in the house. Now back in the bedroom, he's practically attached to me at the hip. He's never been an outside cat, I know, but I can't believe he got so worked up over a cricket. I told him that he's suppoed to catch those things. Don't think that will be happening.



  • At 8:02 PM, Blogger Amy said…

    LOL! Too funny. I have a small dog who I swear was a scaredy cat in a previous life.

  • At 12:12 PM, Blogger Christine said…

    My kitties would have relentlessly stalked it, and fought over who got to eat it. They just love those *bug snacks*, and they'd have LOVED to chow down on this cricket!

    So c'mon, Smokey...chow down! It's good for you, bugs have lots of protein, which cats need! :)


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