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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Joining the 10-Project Challenge!

This is basically a stitching challenge over at The Wagon for those of us who are trying to stitch more from what we already have and buy less. Others are doing a 25 or 50 Challenge, but 50 is just too much for me as I mainly stitch large projects. I figure I'll see how the first 10 go, then I can do another 10 Challenge if I want to. Of course, we are allowed exceptions, and mine are below. I didn't want to make too many but I also want to be realistic:


1. Limited Edition Mirabilias
2. JCS Ornament Issues
3. CATS shopping (going next week!)
4. floss & beads for projects for which I already have fabric and chart

I decided to write down the 10 projects I plan on finishing. Of course, this particular list is subject to change and I some of them are new pieces so that I allow myself to start new projects. Angel of Love is also on my 101 list, so when I finish that one I can scratch it off in two places.

1. Lady of the Flag (just finished, figured I'd count it since it was after 9/1.)
2. Angel of Love - L&L
3. Angel of the New Dawn - Mirabilia
4. Liberty Sampler - Hester's Needle
5. I Shall Wear Purple - Lanarte

1. Why Hoard Chocolate? - Dragon Dreams
2. Cinnamon Bear - one of the JCS ornament issues
3. Country Fair - L&L
4. Season's Greetings - Christmas book I have
5. Santa in Crimson - one of the JCS ornament issues



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