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Friday, July 28, 2006

Goal-setting at work today

Well, today we had our departmental meeting where we discussed goals for the department as a whole and our own individual goals. Our fiscal year just ended in the end of June, so this is for the next fiscal year, and salary increases are based on how well we meet those goals at the end of the year.

I really like the fact that our salaries are based on something this concrete. We, with the help of our boss, create our own goals so they are projects in which we are interested and think we can accomplish but aren't part of our normal job description. I think this is the first place I've worked that does this, and I don't know why more places don't do something similar. Where I used to work, I brought up the idea of merit raises and was told that it wasn't fair because some people didn't have the opportunity to do extra things. That never made sense to me. Even somebody who is on the front desk has an opportunity to do something different -- a new idea or two, come up with a better way of doing things -- something! So, no matter what you did you got the same rate increase as everyone else. That always bothered me and seemed to punish people who went above and beyond their job descriptions.

Another place I used to work were a bit inconsistent with raises. One of my friends was promoted and received a higher salary with her higher level of responsibility. Makes sense, right? Well, when the time came the following year when most people were getting the same percentage in raises, she was told, "Well, we gave you that big raise last year so this year you're not getting as much as everyone else." Hello! That wasn't a raise, it was a promotion! Just didn't seem right.

Anyway, so I'm excited about my goals. It's a bit scary looking at it, thinking that I only have a year in which to accomplish this in addition to my regular duties plus the additional departmental duties we have this year. That's why they hired me though, they needed a third manager to handle all the extra work load with the new branding and the capital campaign, among other large projects.



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