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Monday, August 01, 2005

August Goals

Last month I posted about how I really need to make goals for various areas of my life in order to stay on-track, then I never made them for the month. Yeah, real smart LOL!

So, I've made them this month.

Stitching Goals (in this order, estimated stitching times):
Finish Christmas Jewel - 5 hours
Finish Christmas Flourishes - beading, about 10 hours
Guardian Angel - 15 hours
Sweet Dreams Santa - 10 hours
Sleeping Beauty - 10 hours
Finish small Santa - 10 hours
Start DT mini bell pull

Transfer Excel spreadsheets to Access and fill-in what I've written on them (this will take time, but I can start the process)

Home Goals
Buy and start reading LOTR
Revamp card system (more bi-weekly, less daily)
Greeting card organizer - update birthdays
Buy journal for Christmas ornaments
Start working on Christmas list
Write friends/family I haven't talked to for months
Take pictures of the damage in my apartment and contact renters' rights people about what to do
Swim three times a week
Track WW points

Financial Goals
In order to get us on track, I'm transferring a lot of the apartment stuff into Tim's name. Not sure how to do that yet, but while I'm struggling I think it will work better for us this way.

Transfer/change to Tim's name: phone, PECO, cable
Figure out how much is half and give it to him each month
Monthly budget
Set up Excel spreadsheet similar to the Budgetmap system and print out
Update financial journal

Career Goals
Follow-up at least one warm job lead per week with a resume and cover letter
MaD book published by end of August
Bios caught up by end of August
DI Call Day list to Bob by end of August
Re-read Getting Things Done


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