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Friday, July 29, 2005

This and that for a hectic day

Well, I started the day off by forgetting to bring back the laptop and projector. I sat it by the door but I was tired and on autopilot and forgot it. Normally this would have been fine, but we had to use a cord from the plasma screen in the conference room for the projector since the original one wasn't working, and we had to hook it back up today for a 11AM meeting. So, I drove back home to get it. While I was driving back to work my oil light came on so I bought some oil and put it in. When I got back to work (about an hour or so after I left work) I promptly dropped my bottle of Diet Coke on the ground. I onlly half-assedly had the top on so it squirted everywhere. It's 2PM now and my lunch is ending, but things have been OK since the Diet Coke incident, anyway. Oy.


Forgot to mention Tim's brother's dog. She's very cute. I asked him what breed she is and in all seriousness he says, "She's a pure-bred Jack Assle." LOL! She's a 5-month-old Beagle and Jack Russell mix. Dog people probably are going "Oh. My. God." at THAT combination. She's adorable, but an absolute nut.


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