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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Saw "Batman Begins" last night

I though it was pretty good. I'm looking forward to it coming out on DVD so I can enjoy it when my eyes aren't as tired. I think some people were probably upset after seeing it because, according to my resident comicbook guru Tim, this was closer to the comic than the first Batman movie was. In this movie the person who killed the Waynes isn't Jack Napier but a street person who is desparate. So, in that manner it goes against the first Michael Keaton movie.

Anyway, I enjoyed it, but we were reminded again why we usually only go to Midnight shows. Why do people feel they must bring very small children (age 3-4ish) to a late night movie that is PG-13 and scary? I really don't understand it. Luckily this person wasn't near me but I could hear her talk to her child in a normal voice all the way from the other side of the theater. Maybe I'm just a bitter childfree person, but growing up my parents went out every weekend and hired a babysitter for us. When they DID take us with them, it was a treat and we were expected to behave, and my parents NEVER took us to movies that were way beyond us. I don't know why some people today feel they cannot ever leave their kids at home without scarring them or something.


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