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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I guess I have an attitude today

I try not to and I work very hard here, but there's only so much crap a person can take. I normally take my lunch at my desk and float around on the boards and blogs. I rarely go into the lunchroom because there's an older gentlemen who "works" here but mostly just drives everyone crazy and I don't want to deal with him in the lunchroom when I need a break. I have a sign that says "Mindy is at Lunch" that usually helps, but for some reason there are a few people who think it doesn't apply to them. I need to start making them stick to it, but then I get overridden by my boss. She's a lovely lady but sometimes I think we let too much get by back here and let people get away with too much crap, then we are nutso. So, my "lunch" turned into a working lunch. I was printing a large project and knew I'd have to get up and deal with that a few times, but this was ridiculous. So, I better be able to get that hour back in another way. If I was salary it would be different, but I'm hourly and don't get what I'm worth to begin with.

That was probably totally incoherent, but I need to post quickly and am just ticked off. I try to have a good attitude but this is getting ridiculous. We are a support staff of four people for about 100 agents, plus I do a loto of stuff for the President as well.


  • At 3:50 AM, Blogger Laura said…

    There are always a few, aren't there, Mindy? A few that think they're special for some reason. You just need to be firm with them. Let them drop off their work, if they have to, but make it clear that you're at lunch (pointing to your sign wouldn't be a bad idea), and you'll do their stuff when you get back.

    Don't wish you were on salary. I've been there. Several times. Actually ended up making about nothing per hour because of all the unpaid overtime, and I almost never got comp time to balance it. And my salary wasn't that great, either. :-(

  • At 3:40 PM, Blogger Little Grey Cat said…

    I just found your blog while browsing through different stitchers links. WOW, your Waiting for Ships is gorgeous! Well done!


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