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Sunday, July 03, 2005

2005 Stitching Goals Revisited

We were discussing how we are doing with our 2005 goals at one of my stitching boards. I posted that I thought I was doing OK but I honestly haven't checked those goals in some time. So officially:

My 2005 Goals:

Finish L&L 1990 freebie, start Drawn Thread mini bellpull
Progress: Freebie is finished, mini bellpull hasn't been started and may be put off for next year. This isn't a biggie to me since the main idea was to finish the angel that was in progress.

Finish Christmas Jewel and Crystal Chandelier, start Dracolair purple dragon
Progress: I still can't find the "safe place" I stashed Christmas Jewel! It's here somewhere and only needs about 10 stitches done in Kreinik then the beads added. Cyrstal Chandelier is finished and the dragon has been started.

Finish angel and cherub started for AQP, start another cherub
Progress: I'm giving away the started angel because it's stitched on Aida and after trying I can no longer comfortably stitch on Aida. It's just not fun for me and I found a woman who will take it. I had only put in about 20 stitches on the cherub, also on Aida, so I tossed it. I am almost done with the replacement, the 1998 Mirabilia Cherub on a lovely light blue evenweave. I'm so glad I made the decision to not keep going on the Aida design and start the new one. I may even finish it this weekend.

Finish small Santa, start poinsettia ornament
Progress: This is close to being finished and will definitely be finished by the end of the year. I haven't started the poinsettia ornament, and may not because I've already stitched about 20 ornaments for the year.

Finish Guardian Angel, start Celtic Spring
Progress: Haven't worked on her for some time, but she's about half done. I believe I can finish her by the end of the year, and then I will definitely be starting Celtic Spring.

Finish Dragon of Winter Moon and Sweet Dreams Santa, start Waiting for Ships
Progress: Winter Moon was finished soon after I made this list. Sweet Dreams Santa is coming along slowly, and is a questionable finish for 2005. He will be much farther along than at the end of 2005, at any rate. I changed some of my StRIP list around some time back and started Waiting for Ships already -- heck, it's almost finished LOL! So, instead I will start Joan Elliott's Autumn Angel when this Santa is finished.

Finish Rose Arbour and Christmas Flourishes, Start Santa's Magic
Progress: Rose Arbour is finished, Christmas Flourishes is close and will definitely be finished by the end of the year. Now that I'm stitching from my stash and trying not to buy anything new, I changed the start. I don't have the fabric for Santa's Magic, so instead started Waiting for Ships a little early. It was intended for when I finished both of these. As long as all three are done by the end of the year, I think it's great! One is already done, the other two are very close.

Finish Sleeping Beauty, start Fairy
Progress: Sad to say, but it's doubtful this will be finished by 2006. In my original goals I had noted that this was my last goal and if any didn't make it, this one wouldn't. It's still possible, but doubtful. I haven't worked on her in months.

Make one ornament each month
Progress: As you can see from an earlier post, I have met more than my quota of ornaments for the year already, so I have reached this goal and gone beyond.

So, for the most part I'm very happy with my progress this year. Making this list has helped to keep me focused, but no so much that I'm not willing to make some changes as long as I still am finishing projects. I have also updated my StRIP list but will put that in the next post.


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