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Friday, July 01, 2005

Stitching Blogger Questions

Fell behind on these the last few weeks:

1. When starting a new project, do you start in the middle? If you do, once you’ve worked down to the bottom, do you turn your chart and fabric around so that you are stitching the top section downwards again or do you just stitch upwards from the middle?
I usually start at the left corner or at the top center. It depends on the design, too. I stitch a lot of "people" (fairies, mermaids, ladies, etc.) and I always like to finish the face and hair as soon as I can, so sometimes I start in the middle and work a little line up to the top if I'm not sure if my measurements are correct.

2. Are there any types of designs that you won’t stitch?
I really am not fond of Precious Moments and I haven't learned Hardanger yet. I don't like a lot of the more primitive designs, but some of them have grown on me. I recently stitched a Bent Creek design I really liked (EduCATed) and some others, and the Lizzie Kate Flip-It Blocks have caught my eye. For the most part, I hate to say I'll NEVER stitch a certain type of design.

3. Do you feel the need to stitch a design from a specific designer just to say that you’ve experienced stitching one of their designs?
No. I like a lot of different types of designs and different designers, but in the end I stitch what I want, not because somebody thinks I must. There are many samlers out there that I think are beautiful but there's no way I'm stitching them because they wouldn't be fun for me to stitch -- and that's what it's all about.


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