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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Feeling better today

I slept long last night and feel much better today. I was cranky to begin with and the weather change just was NOT helping.

I've been bad about counting my points the last few days. We'll see what happens when I WI on Monday. I've been making better choices, though. For instance, yesterday I went to the Wawa and picked up regular popcorn instead of the almost irresistable white cheddar popcorn, chose fruit and lowfat yogurt instead of cookies or candy, and picked up water instead of more soda. This morning Tim picked up breakfast and instead of getting the heavy stuff I asked him to get me a fruit parfait at McDonald's. I know they aren't exactly calorie-free, but at least this way I'm getting some dairy and fruit instead of just loads of carbs and empty calories.

I have a few bucks and need to pick up some minor groceries to get me through 'til payday on Wednesday, but I'm not going anywhere today. Maybe I'll go late tonight before I go to bed. I cannot handle grocery stores on the weekends very well. No offense to parents, but the worst are those carts with those huge car things on the front for the kids. I know not all parents do this, but it seems I always have one running into me or over me because her "vehicle" is bigger than me, or because she must be in more of a hurry than me or something. I just have no patience for it and am better off going at other times.

In the meantime, the windows are closed and the fans are on. It's a lot easier to keep the indoor temperature under control in this weather if I don't open the windows. I tend to open them a little at night when it's cooler so that I can get some fresh air, but for now I want as little of that heat and humidity in here as possible.


  • At 12:59 PM, Blogger Dianne said…

    Glad you are feeling better. Sometimes you go through withdrawal when you are 'dieting'. It's a good kind though.
    Brian and I just had Lean Cuisines for lunch. I told him that they are normal portion sizes for dieters and he couldn't believe it. I think a lot of his weight problem is portion size, eating fast and eating way too many starches. (I am the last one, plus I like some fat and sugar).
    I am going to the store when the sun goes down a bit. It's not that far away and Bri said he would go to help out. Once in a blue moon.


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