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Friday, June 24, 2005

Kinda blah

I'm glad it's Friday, but I'm planning on going to bed soon. During the last hour I've had a headache creeping up on me. I've had some caffeine and water, but I think it's the impending heat and humidity coming in for tomorrow. It's supposed to be 95, with a heat index of over 100. Ick. I was planning on having a friend over but I don't have a/c and her health isn't the best so I think I'll put it off until next week. She's better at her place with a/c.

Not much to say, really. Actually, I have a lot to say about some news items this week, but I'm just so sick and tired of it and other stuff that I just can't do it right now. Between the issues of burning the flag (I personally think it's freedom of expression), homeownership (now private industry can "buy" it from you for "the public good") and this crap I'm seeing more and more of not even being able to buy your goddamn cold medicine without being tracked in some manner, I've just had it. Every week it seems like there are more infringements on my rights and I feel that the majority of Americans just don't care, or even notice.

I'm sure that's not reality, but I'm just disgusted.


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