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Friday, July 01, 2005

Sunday Brunch

Yes, it's late. I haven't done any of my blogging questions for a while and saw these and liked the questions.

1) Are you currently married or involved with a significant other? Give specifics and length of time that you have been with that person.
Tim and I have been living together for over six years now. One of these days we're going to go down to city hall or something and make it legal. In the meantime, I don't want to make my debts his problem.

2) Where did you meet your significant other? At a Christmas party when I was dating another guy. Don't get any ideas -- I met him there but nothing more! Months later after Ed and I had broken things off my friend who had the party invited Tim and I both over to play board games with her and her husband after I said I'd remembered him and thought he was funny. Tim and I went to a movie about a week later (Analyze This) and that was it :)

3) What is your anniversary or special day of ANY kind and what did you do on that day with your significant other?
March 6 is the anniversary of our first date.

4) What is the nicest thing that a person that you are or have been involved with has done for you?
Mainly, there are things I KNOW Tim would buy if he was on his own and instead he spends money on me for my birthday or "just because" or gives me extra money if he thinks I'm low on gas money or something.

5) Do you have a special song or movie or place with your significant other? Describe.
"Nothing Else Matters" from Metallica. Tim is black, I am not. The song is about trusting in each other and not playing the games others play and not giving a damn what they think. It seems to describe us pretty well.


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