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Friday, July 01, 2005

OK, I get it -- people are upset with Tom Cruise

My God! Every board I go to he seems to be the main topic of discussion. Some boards have more than one thread going on about him. If you are so sick of him, why do you keep bringing it up? LOL!

I don't agree with what he says, for the most part. I do agree that medication is overused, but that doesn't mean that there aren't many people out there who really DO have a problem and need it. My brother is one of these and always has been. My mom tried natural foods with no preservatives or additives, she tried no sugar, lots of other things before putting him on Ritalin as a kid. Even as an adult he's been trying non-medicated ways of controlling his hyperactivity, what they now call ADD I guess. He's had tests done that show his brain simply does not work the same way a "normal" brain does.

People will probably think I'm nuts, but I also find it believable that somewhere in the vastness of space, of which we've seen only a miniscule part, there is intelligent life. That doesn't mean I think that aliens are inside out bodies or that they've been here or are here, etc. It means that I DO think it's a bit arrogant to think that it's impossible that nowhere out there is something else.

The thing that gets me is how people think that since he's a celebrity he shouldn't be allowed to express his opinions. His opinions are getting him into trouble and there are probably many who will boycott his movie because of them, and that's certainly their right. I just don't get the "he shouldn't say that because a lot of people will take him at his word." Well, isn't that THEIR fault? I refuse to blame a celebrity or sports star for saying something that people decide just to belive and follow because the celebrity or sports star is famous. Jeesh! Think for yourselves, people! I also don't agree with so many famous people getting ripped apart if they aren't perfect because they are "role models." That's crap! Parents need to start being their kids' role models and raise them rather than letting the famous role models on TV do it! (Disclaimer: I know a lot of parents are not like this, but we all know it happens.)

Tom Cruise has every right to his opinion, and the public has every right to disagree with him by taking their money elsewhere. If people are going to just sit there and decide that it Tom Cruise says it -- or Oprah says it, or whomever says it -- it must be true, then they deserve what they get.


  • At 11:58 AM, Blogger Dianne said…

    Celebrities tend to put themselves up on pedestals. So they are the lucky few who can make $20 million a movie. I think most of them are pompous asses anyway.
    I heard that a lot of people are boycotting 'War of the Worlds'. I am still debating about that. I don't attend movies that often (we mostly rent), but Sean and his pals go a lot. Whether they boycott it or not is up to them. They are 18-19 and can have their own opinions.
    As for medication, like your brother, my mom depends on meds. She takes the smallest dose she can, but she still hurts.
    Did you know Ty Pennington also has an attention problem? He takes medication too.


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