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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Very proud of myself :)

For the last week we've been struggling with the pdf converter option from Adobe that allows me to use Distiller to convert a PageMaker document to a pdf that anyone can read with Adobe Reader. That way I can email documents to people. The fast color printer also prints pdfs better than PM files. I don't know why, but that's the way it is.

So, when I got that new computer about 2 weeks ago we had to go through that whole post script driver thing again. My tech person couldn't figure it out either and the Home Office doesn't support Adobe, so we had a call in to the guy who sets up our computers. While waiting for him to call back, I had an epiphany and tried something a little outside the box and it worked! Thank God! Now I have to catch up on all the stuff I've been trying to put together for people.

I need to go back through my goals for 2005 and see where I am. I also need to make some July goals. I've been bad about that for the last month or so and I know if I only have just a few goals for the month it helps keep me focused:

Stitching Goals
Work Goals
Home Goals
Financial Goals

I hate sounding so structured, but that's even more reason to do this. I'm the sort who thinks that because I'm the creative artsy type that it means I should be allowed to be a bit flighty sometimes and that it should be expected. Not that I don't work very hard in the office or anything, but I need to get over that whole sterotype. That idea actually makes things much more difficult for me than if I buckle down, go against my nature, and actually do some planning. Nowhere is it written that it's written in stone or that I can't make some changes if necessary, but getting things at least on paper (or on-screen, in this case) will help keep me focused on my long-term goals of financial independence, less WIPs, a promotion and an organized home.


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