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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Always have a backup

Now that I got that last post out of my system, I can go on with what I meant to post about this morning. I saw that other topic before I got to my blogger and it had me pretty irritated. Still does, actually.

Anyway, people always think I'm weird because I have a huge gym bag full of all sorts of stuff, most of which are the same items: 2 swimsuits, 2 or 3 caps, 2 or 3 goggles, 2 towels, etc. Well, I always say that in case something breaks I have another and can still swim. Yesterday I put on my older suit and realized it had gotten quite thin. It seems to have happened overnight, and I really don't feel like showing the world my butt -- bad enough it's in a bathing suit to begin with LOL! So, all I had to do was grab my other suit, change and toss the thin one. It took an extra 5 minutes tops and I was in the pool, no problems. If I hadn't had that extra suit I would have gone to the gym for nothing and would have been ticked. I've shown up before for a good swim and had something thwart it and it just ruins the whole day.

So, always have a backup. Who cares if you gym bag is almost the same size as you? As long as it fits in the locker, that's all that matters :)


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