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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Thursday's Tattle

I didn't like the Theater Thursday questions so I'm using Thursday's Tattle instead.

Are you the first or last to arrive at a party?
I'm usually one of the first to arrive because I like to get there before there's too many people.

As a couple are you famous for being on time or late?
We are almost always on time, very rarely late.

Do you shop for the gift in advance or the day of the party?
Usually in advance, but sometimes I get rushed and have to do it the day of. I really don't like doing that and avoid it most of the time.

Do you help the host during the party?
Well, I offer. Sometimes they don't want help but if they do I try and do what I can.

Do you ever notice there are some people who never help the host at a party?
Oh yes! Granted, some hosts don't want help and there's not much you can do there. However, it's always good etiquette to at least ask.

Are you the first to leave or usually the last to leave a party?
I'm usually the first. Most of my friends' parties are all afternoon and evening affairs and I do better in small groups than large ones. That much socializing is too much for me and after a while I get overwhelmed and have to have some quiet time.


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