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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Feeling better now

The muscle relaxers I take are also anti-depressants in large dosages, but I wonder if I have the opposite reaction to them. I don't feel nearly as bad as I did yesterday and this morning. I heard from my friend and everything's fine. I way overreacted and I think it was just the combination of the pain, the drugs, and the crap with my apartment that sent me over the edge. Oh well, it happens. I figure if I can put up with my friends when they have bad days they can put up with me, too :-)

Anyway, haven't done any memes this weekend if I recall, so here's one for today, The Sunday Brunch. Ironically, it's about weddings LOL!

1. Indoor or outdoor weddings?
Outdoor weddings can be beautiful, but there are too many risks when you have to plan a wedding in advance. I can't imagine having planned an outdoor wedding for this weekend in Florida! So, I'd go for an indoor wedding because it's safer and can still be beautiful.

2. How many wedding have you been in?
I've been in 3 weddings: my sister's, my brother's and my best friend's.

3. When you were married (or if there is a wedding in your future), what type of wedding did or would you have?
We will probably get married some day. I want a simple wedding. I don't plan on buying a fancy gown because I'm large and don't need to look larger. I'd wear a nice dress (not white or ivory, but another color) and he could wear a suit. I'd be happy with a maiden of honor and a best man. We'd have it in a church and a nice but not large reception probably in a local hotel. I'd rather spend more money on the reception and have a good time than on the actually wedding and clothes and such. There's no reason for me to get a fancey schmancy wedding dress that I will never wear again and will only wear for a few hours. If I had money to burn I would, but I don't. I've never had dreams of huge weddings, either. I know some do. Actually, I'd rather spend the most on our honeymoon and take a really nice one. I've seen too many people focus on the wedding and not whether or not they are ready to be married and seen it end in disaster.

4. Have you caught the bouquet or garter?
No, and I avoid those games like the plague!

5. Tell us about a funny, scary or memorable wedding moment.
My sister got married for a short time back in 1990 (long story). I was in the wedding. I was about 19 at the time. The night before, at the rehearsal dinner, the best man decided he wasn't ready to play the guitar for his brother who was singing a song during the ceremony. My sister was livid, for obvious reasons. So, she had the piano book (it was a John Denver song, "For Bobbie" or something was the name) and our ex-neighbors in NY was where we were staying and they had a piano. I practiced all night and learned it OK. The next day I had a chance to run it through with the singer once or twice (literally) before the wedding. I got through it OK and it sounded OK on the tape because I'm pretty good at picking out what is important to play and what's not on the fly like that, but I was a bundle of nerves for obvious reasons (I didn't want to ruin my sister's wedding, for one!) and I didn't do as well as when I'd practiced. After the wedding I was sobbing because I thought I'd ruined her wedding and she assured me it was fine and thanked me profusely. I felt better when I saw the video and realized it sounded OK to anyone who doesn't know any better. So, the wedding was nice but the marriage wasn't. Thankfully, she can separate the two.


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