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Monday, September 06, 2004

The Daily Dirt

1. What vegetable do you hate eating?
Lima beans

2. Which music artist do you hate the most? Why?
I really can't stand music from any of the pop divas, or so they are called. I'm not really into the whole pop or hip-hop scene to begin with, and many of these ladies would be nowhere if it wasn't for mixing boards and MTV where people can seem them wearing practically nothing. Sorry, but if Britney was an average-looking girl there's no way she would be that popular. Her singing just isn't that great.

3. What book do you hate?
I'm totally not into trashy romance novels, but I do like The Thorn Birds and Anne Rice books, which can get a little racey.

4. What type of clothing do you hate?
On me or in general? In general, I think the jeans that are so low-cut that one can see what type of underwear a person is wearing is a bit much. Isn't that why it's called "underwear?" For me, I don't like anything clingy up top because I have a gut that won't quit. I do OK with leggings or straight-leg jeans because my legs are not bad, but I have to wear something big on top.

5. Do you agree with "you don't hate a person, you just hate what they've
done (to you)"

For the most part, yes I agree. However, after a person has done several things to me that I hate it does start to color my opinion of that person. I mean, there's only so much you can put up with until enough is enough. That being said, I think there are only two people I know personally who I actually hate, and these are ex-boyfriends of mine who did some pretty bad things which I won't go into here. I have an ex-friend who I call "The Liar." I don't hate her, but I want nothing at all to do with her, can never trust her again and generally dislike her. I find "hate" to be very strong and don't like to apply it unless necessary.


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