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Friday, September 10, 2004

Friday Forum

1. Fame - or wealth?
I've always said I want to be rich but not famous. I've been told that's not possible, but that's not true. There are plenty of very wealthy people out there who nobody really knows about. Celebrities are not the only wealthy people out there. I'm a private person and don't handle crowds well. I'm afraid Tim and I are the type who, after people keep shoving cameras in our faces, would go off and probably pull a Sean Penn on them LOL! That stuff would drive me crazy!

2. Admired - or feared?
Definitely admired. What's the point in having somebody fear you? If people admire me it's likely they'd want to do the same stuff for me as if they feared me, but they'd do it because they'd WANT to do it, not because they'd be afraid I'd come down on them. One woman who used to work in my office a few years back once told me she was scared of me. Why? Because she was the payroll person and I had received a paycheck loan from the company and she was telling my co-worker/friend that she shouldn't loan me any money if I ask because I was having money problems. Yeah, I went through the roof! So she comes to me crying, saying she didn't mean to upset me. I said I accepted the apology but she shouldn't do it again. So, the fact that she pulled a stunt like that and that I called her on it made her fear me? Gimme a break! Personally, I thought she should have gotten a little more than a "talking-to." I didn't want her to get fired, but she should have had a few days suspension or something, considering she's in a job requiring confidentiality. Who knows how many people she was telling about my business?

3. Loved - or looked up to?

Loved. I think if somebody loves you they also look up to you, at least some of the time. I know you can love a person and hate them at the same time now and then, but if I love a person I usually also look up to them. I know that can be interesting with family sometimes, since you're supposed to love them no matter what.


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