Mindy Memories

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Theater Thursday

1) What is your favorite movie about some type of 'animal gone wrong'?
I guess the Jurassic Park movies.

2) Do you end up feeling sorry for the animal, or just scared to death?
Sometimes. I felt very bad for the dog in Cujo because it wasn't his fault he was bitten and ended up with rabies. He was a nice dog when he was sane :(

3) Do you think there is a movie about a 'killer animal' that went way too far or was just a ridiculous movie?
Hmmm... Well, I wasn't overly fond of Man's Best Friend. That scene with him eating the cat was VERY disturbing.

BONUS) What kind of killer animal movie would you like to see made? Scary squirrels anyone?
How about Rampaging Rabbits? That Monty Python bit with the deadly rabbit has always cracked me up.


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