Mindy Memories

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I somehow got Tim watching the Olympics with me last night. He is not into sports at all, and usually if I'm watching sports he goes back into the other room to watch Sci-Fi Channel or something. Last night, I came home and turned on the Olympics and sat down to eat the dinner I just made. (We have no dining room, so we are bad and eat in the livingroom.) He comes in to join me and watches volleyball, gymnastics, and track & field. About halfway through the evening, he says, "How the heck did you get me out here watching this?" Well, I laughed and thought that was his way of saying he was leaving, but he ended up watching them until they ended at Midnight. I told him that all I did was turn on the TV and he's the one who sat there, and that now he knows how easy it is to get drawn into this stuff. If you watch just a little gymnastics, you want to see the rest to see how it ends, right?



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