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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympics - possible spoiler

...although if you haven't heard this by now I'd be shocked. :) Yay, Michael Phelps got his eight medals! I was so thrilled for him last night. Some people seem to be bothered by the hype around this because some of his medals were due to relays. Yes, that's the way these things go. But, if I recall correctly, five of the golds were individual medals and he always gives credit to his relay teammates -- always. Let's give him his due.

What an amazing week in the pool! I knew it would be, but not by this much -- 20 world records broken! They said this was more than the 18 combined broken records in the last two Olympics. I laughed when Dara Torres said she shouldn't have filed her nails before her race that she lost by 1/100th of a second -- same amount by which Phelps won that crazy 100m butterfly race. She was amazing. I really wanted her to win individual gold for herself, but winning the silver is amazing. Her sportsmanship says a lot about who she is.

The all-around gymnastics ended the way it should have, but I would have been ticked if it hadn't. There was definitely something weird going on with the scoring -- I don't know what, but there were some scores that were a lot higher than they should have been, and a lot that were lower. I suppose this always happens, but it's frustrating to see. In the end, it all worked out and I was thrilled for Nastia and Shawn.

So, I probably won't be watching as much this next week, except diving. My main interests in these games has always been swimming and gymnastics because those were two sports I was good at as a kid and young adult.



  • At 8:35 AM, Blogger Suz said…

    I love diving, but several of my friends were divers (high school and college) and they were awesome :)

    I didn't get to watch the last of the olympics (err.. I mean Phelps, hee), because I was on a 7 hour ride, but several friends called to tell me about the latest gold. YAY!

    Let's go London!!!!


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