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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Feeling better :)

Well, I actually got through a whole week of work this past week and lived to tell the tale, lol. I am feeling much better. Still have the cough and am more worn-out than usual and needing a bit more sleep, but other than that I feel pretty good.

I actually had a bit of delayed retail therapy earlier this week. I've never been a big dress person, but for some reason lately I've been wanting more. So...

...about a month or so ago I picked up a few at Kohls that are cute. (I was excited that the XL in their misses section usually fit me, as Kohls really doesn't carry plus-size dresses, at least not in the stores here.)

...I ordered one from Target and two from Roamans (here and here), figuring if they don't fit I just have to return them.

...Oh, and I got a beautiful cotton turquoise floral dress from Torrid. I've been lusting after this dress for a while and decided to buy it before my size is gone. I plan on buying a short-sleeved cropped cardigan, bolero or jacket to go with this so I can wear it to work, and will probably need to wear a camisole under it. I bought some pretty and inexpensive rings, too.

...I ordered some nice thigh highs and pantyhose from Bare Necessities for the spring and summer. I've decided to go against the current style of bare legs with skirts and wear light and sheer thigh highs instead. I think my legs will look better and I've never really been comfortable with the bare legs look with a skirt, anyway.

...I got a great deal on a skirt from Talbots, and it's a petite!

...Then yesterday I went nuts on the E.L.F. website. Apparently this company has been bought out by Nordstrom's and they are having a fire sale so they can off-load all the stuff. Great makeup for hardly any money at all, and I've been experimenting with different colors and stuff so figured I'd take advantage.

Looking at all this, it looks like I spent major money, but I got most of it on sale, which makes me happy. :) So, we'll see how much of this fits correctly and how much doesn't, and some may get returned. Shopping on line for clothes is always a gamble, but I don't find a lot of dresses I like in local stores. There's a nice Lane Bryant near me, but their dresses tend to be too long for me. So why is it that fat women aren't supposed to show their legs according to some people anyway? My legs aren't tiny but they are muscular and have shape to them, so I don't want to wear stuff that cuts me off mid-calf. I like knee-length or a little shorter.

Anyway, today I think I'll get some things done around here and maybe visit my friend Karri who had foot surgery and is going a bit stir-crazy. I actually did get some stitching done over the past week (mostly on Skeleton Crew) but you know how bad I am about taking pictures and uploading them, like it's some sort of huge task, lol. I think I'll take care of that this weekend, too.

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  • At 9:50 AM, Blogger Chiloe said…

    I'm glad you are feeling better. I hope the clothes will fit you great ;)

  • At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Dianne said…

    Retail therapy is beneficial to your health. It's been a rough winter. Your dresses are sweet! I love Kohls!
    E.L.F. is pretty reasonable too, thanks for the link.
    Drop by my blog sometime.

  • At 3:12 PM, Blogger Rachel S said…

    Love that Torrid dress! Very cute!

  • At 3:42 AM, Anonymous Elaine said…

    Interesting post!! Roamans ends your search for your favorite plus-size dresses.


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