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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Darn it!

Well, last night's game was a great edge-of-your seat game, but I would have liked it better if we'd won. Oh well, I still am proud of the Eagles -- they really overcame a bad season start and bad injuries to get as far as they did. The two things that killed me about the game were:

1. Why did they not go for the touchdown instead of the field goal on that one play? I was surprised when I saw them getting ready to kick. I suppose they felt it was better to get 3 points on the board than none, and that there were over 12 minutes left to get into the endzone again, but that hurt.

2. The fumble retrieval was awesome, but we couldn't make anything out of it. That off-sides penalty on the first down was just too much. I don't blame the guy -- he wasn't a starter and it was impossible to hear with that crowd, but I couldn't believe they got through the whole game without that mistake, then there it was.

I have to say that Saints team was very impressive. That Bush is scary, and McAlister pushing that whole group of people over the goal line was pretty cool. I may have to keep rooting for the Saints and see them win the SuperBowl. After all, it's a *little* easier when you lose to the team that wins the whole thing.

Eagles all the way next year, baby!



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