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Monday, January 01, 2007

Guilt-Free January is here!

I still need to finalize my 2006 finishes list and 2007 goals, and go back to my StRIP list and see how far off I am and get back on track. However, I wanted to at least get the all-important Guilt-Free January list in writing! After all, this is the easiest of all the goals I set for myself.

1. Easter Fairy (Mirabilia)
2. Alpine Garden (Drawn Thread)
3. Autumn Angel (Joan Elliott)
4. Oh Christmas Tree (L&L)

I was going to place the 2006 Mirabilia Tree on this list, butI started it last week and am almost done so instead it will be my first 2007 finish!

As for the actual list, the Easter Fairy will be for me. I may give Alpine Garden to my dad, as he's a plant guy and I think he'll like it. I'll have to see how feminine it looks when I'm done with it to make my final decision. Autumn Angel is a long overdue gift for my SIL. I have stitched one of these angels for the women in my family (Angel of Love for mom, Christmas Angel for sis, and Angel of Night for Grandma) and haven't stitched this one for SIL yet. Eventually, I'll stitch one of the extras for myself. Oh Christmas Tree will be a gift for my best friend, who has a boy and a girl. I think she'd really like this one. It would be great if I could finish it and get it framed for her for next Christmas.

Now I gotta get serious and figure out my goals for the year, and figure out what I actually finished in 2006. I think I had a pretty good year.



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