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Monday, August 01, 2005

Debating again -- different topic

I'm thinking of creating a second blog to focus on my career. I don't think my personal blog is very offensive and I try to be careful about what I say, but after posting that resume I got to thinking... What if somebody sees my resume and likes it but decides they don't like my childfreeness? Of course, if that's the case, is it a place I'd really want to work? I'm not sure if my little rants, raves and meanderings about nothing would make me look interesting to a possible employer or like someone they wouldn't want to hire? It would have my resume and maybe cover letters that I write, hoping for feedback. I have to say that I've already received great help from a past coworker of mine who looked at my old resume and actually critiqued it and was honest with me, and didn't just say, "Looks good." She told I had too much information and that all my experience and knowledge was getting lost. That's how I ended up with the resume you see in my previous post. A career-focused blog would also keep me accountable and talk about what I'm doing at work, while maybe my small work rants (mostly about not having enough staff) could stay here. It may be good for a future employer to see what I do on a daily basis, if anybody actually looks at the thing.

Of course, I'd also have to think of a new username and password -- the most difficult part of the whole process LOL! I'd post a link here to that blog but not the other way around.

I'd love any feedback on this, guys and gals :)


  • At 8:25 PM, Blogger Dianne said…

    You could open another blog, but wouldn't it just be easier to post about work once or twice a week? I don't mind reading about your work or other comments intertwined. It is a blog afterall.
    BTW, great resume! You can surely post it on Monster.com or other job sites.


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