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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Objectifying women

So, most of us know that women don't like to be treated as objects. We want to be treated like people with feelings, thoughts, opinions, etc. We always seem to blame men for treating women like objects, but lately I've been seeing women do a fine job of it on their own.

For one, you have women who think that we are only put on this earth to be a wife and/or mother. They treat those of us who do not want children as beneath them, jealous of them, inhuman, abnormal, etc. I don't believe that we are here only as breeding vessels, or as cleaning units for men. Add to that the women who argue all the time about being a SAHM or a WOHM and it gets better. Why does it matter if a mother wants to stay home with the kids or wants/needs to work for a living? Do what is best for you and clam it!

The other thing I've noticed quite a bit is on the childfree sites I visit. There's this underlying current that if a woman "lets herself go" that it's understandable if the man cheats on her. It's almost like some thin women figure that women like me are just objects who are there to please my man. When I gain weight, I should expect that he finds "what he needs" somewhere else. I don't get this? This comes from the same people who get so ticked off about my first point about women being used only for childbearing, then they do the same thing to women who are overweight. If a woman gains weight, chances are she still has the same thoughts, sense of humor and other qualities she had before. If people get married simply because they like the looks of each other, that's pretty stupid to begin with. Of course, it's OK for men to gain weight by sitting on the sofa drinking bear and watching TV all night, right? Sure, that's fine. But if a woman gains weight she's considered subhuman, ugly, worthless and lazy.

It really disgusts me how nasty women can be to each other. I guess "disgust" is my theme of the last few days, but it's been on my mind.


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