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Saturday, July 09, 2005


I don't know what disgusts me more, the attack on London or the attitude of some Americans on how to deal with it. I haven't heard such ideas from any Brits, but have from Americans.

The idea? Pull our troops and civilians out of the Middle East and destroy the entire region. The reasoning? "Yes, some innocent people will die, but innocent people have already died." That's right. We should just go in and act the way the terrorist do, and kill many times over the innocent people they have killed. That will really show them how wrong they are about us wonderful "civilized" people, huh?

I know this attitude exists, but it still exasperates me. I guess this is one way for us to solve our oil/gas problems, hmmmm? If we destroy all the people but not the oil fields, our problems are solved! So what if some innocent people die. We're Christian, therefor we are right and the Muslims can all die, doesn't matter if they are involved in terrorism or not, right?

After all there aren't terrorists in any other areas of the world, just there. Oh, there are some in England? Well, guess we better bomb the hell out of England, too. While we're at it, why don't we bomb those Canadians. Yeah, we're getting sick of their anti-American sentiment and we better get rid of them because they are evil. Guess we better bomb some of our own states, too. Since the men responsible for the 9/11 attacks learned to fly in Florida, guess we should bomb that state, too. Wait a minute, that won't work. The President's brother is down there. Well, we'll just make sure we get him and his family out first.


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