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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Saw Star Wars III Saturday! Possible spoilers, read at own risk

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! I thought it was great and really tied everything together. I've been wondering why C3PO didn't remember anything, and at the end of III they had his memory wiped. Ahh, that explains it!

It also makes me see Darth Vader in a whole new way. Before he was just this evil thing who was finally redeemed at the end by his son. Great, but we didn't know anything about him and who he was before. It was revealing to see how he turned to the dark side and the struggle he went through before it happened. I know his mom had something to do with it, as did Palpatine buddying up to him, but Wyndoo didn't help. Of course, one of the biggest issues was him wanting to save Padme, which of course wouldn't have been an issue if he hadn't turned. Boggles the mind. I also wanted to kick Palpatine's ass when he told Vader that he killed Padme.

For me, one of the saddest parts was seeing the clones turn on the Jedi when they received word from Palpatine. Here they've been fighting side by side then the Jedi just get completely gunned down. The looks on the faces of a few of the Jedi when they realize what is happening is just heartbreaking. Of course, it was also sad to see the little boy ask Anakin for help when the temple was invaded, knowing that Anakin was not going to help but to kill them. Also, the scene where we see how Vader came to have to wear that outfit and mask was sad.

Tim and I were supposed to wait to see it with my friends and their son. However, he's at his dad's 3 weekends a month and I'm usually the babysitter for the little one so Tim and I figure the chances of us all actually seeing it together before it's out of the theater are pretty small. So, we decided to see it on our own but I'll still see it with them. I've learned my lesson about waiting to see a movie with people who mean well but who are just very hard to plan around, and we weren't going to miss this one.


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