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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Slept 10 hours last night

Man, I feel better! I was at work about 2 hours early yesterday and couldn't sleep well the night before. It was the day we had the photographer come in to take professional photos. I had set it up and people who submitted their charity work for my "Making a Difference" booklet qualified for a free 15-minute photo session as the boss was paying for it. If a person wasn't in the book they paid $50. It was my way of getting them to have professional photos done and I'm only using professional photos in the book, plus I think I received a few more forms than I would have otherwise because people knew they'd get a free photo out of it. In the morning I was doing a lot of reminding and making sure people remembered the time slot for which they had signed up. I had about 22 of us on the list and everybody actually made it, even those coming from other offices. I have to be honest -- I was floored! It's a good thing LOL! I was so surprised that everybody actually showed up. After things went so well yesterday I'm worried about what will happen to day to even it out :)

Since I'm in the booklet I had some taken, also. I have discovered that the right side of my face is much more photogenic than the left side. I may or may not post my picture here. I'm not sure if I want some people to have access to it, but we'll see. I won't have the photo until probably next week, anyway. I was pretty happy with the result.


  • At 10:51 AM, Blogger Dianne said…

    Good for you Mindy! Sounds like a successful project. And I'd like to see a new photo of you if you want to post.


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