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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Last I checked, suspects still have rights

There was a short-lived conversation at one of the stitching boards yesterday, revolving around that murder suspect on the crane. Some people were insinuating he should be hit by lightning, be told to jump, etc. Well, last I checked the Constitution applies to criminal suspects as much as the rest of us. Granted, there are times that I think people don't get the punishment I personally think they should get. I realize this often happens because of overcrowded prisons. I still haven't made up my mind about the death penalty either. On one hand, I didn't cheer when I lived in FL and they executed Bundy. However, I wasn't really upset about it, either.

So, should we just let mob rule? Should we go back to the ol' "hang 'em high" days and figure that if we think a person did it than the must have? If we think a man raped a woman we should just go out and drag him behind a car, I guess. What if it's found out later that the woman lied? Well, I figure the guy probably did something in his past that called for a death by dragging, so no harm done, right?

I don't understand how people who call themselves Patriots and good Americans can sit there and sentence people to death before they even get a damn trial? Of course, many of you know that I'm considered anti-American by the same people because I have audacity to question our government -- Bush, Clinton, whomever. Just because I don't like Bush doesn't mean I think Clinton was God, folks. I've said it before and I'll say it again: It's our JOB and DUTY to question our government! We all should do it -- yes, even those who I don't agree with should do it. Where did this attitude of "We cannot question the government in a time of war because it's anti-American" come from? My ancestors didn't fight wars for me to sit here and say, "Well, I must never question my government. Those in charge must know what's best for me, better than I know for myself." Sorry, ain't going to happen.

Not sure how I got off on that tanget, but it bothers me how some people can say they love this country but it's obvious they only love those who believe exactly like them and hate the rest of us.


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