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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Organizing stash

I was motivated to actually list my stash in Excel after joining the SOS group at The Wagon. So, I'm finishing two projects for every one I start and am also mainly stitching from what I already have. Again, probably a "duh" moment for those non-addicted stitcher types LOL! Well, I went through what charts I had already kitted with fabric and I can't believe it -- about 100! They aren't all large projects, but many are. I also have small designs from magazines and leaflets and some towels. I've been in a few FOTM clubs and also took advantage of great deals on fabric at Ebay and at Silkweaver's. I'm still amazed, though. Therefore, I really need to be stitching from my stash for quite a while. When I was working my last job I stocked up on quite a bit because I could afford to. I guess that's good, because right now I'm not able to afford much and I only have to worry about buying floss and any specialty threads and embellishments and not fabric or charts. Now, when it comes to charts, leaflets books and magazines I have about 300. I knew I had a lot but didn't realize I had that many. The leaflets are in binders, two in a plastic sheet so it doesn't seem like I have that many. Oh, that number also includes the ones that have the fabric, so that's not an additional 300, thank goodness. I have sold off quite a bit of my stash but am not ready to let go of what I currently have.

I'm glad I did it, as it helps me realize what I have to work with. I also made note of the WDW, GAST, Seaside Treasures, Caron, Kreinik, Rainbow Gallery and beads I have. It will be easier to look through that spreadsheet than to rummage around every time I need materials for a project.

In other stitching news, I've put in 20 hours on Waiting for Ships since last Saturday. Normally I'd want to work on another project but I really enjoy working on her. I was supposed to start her when I finished Christmas Flourishes, but I needed a break from Flourishes and really wanted to start this one. At this rate, I may finish Waiting for Ships and then Flourishes. Hmmm... if I do it that way I wonder if I'll allow myself a finish when Flourishes really is finished. I shouldn't, but I'll see what happens :) I hope to have a scan of Waiting for Ships early in the week, but I'm waiting on some Kreinik and need to buy a few floss colors so she may be a little spotty.


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