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Friday, August 27, 2004

Four for Friday

Q1: Do you have any magazine subscriptions, or do you make a point of purchasing certain magazines on a weekly or monthly basis? If so, which ones? If not, are there magazine subscriptions you wish you had?
I have too many magazine subscriptions. They are really an addition to me and I need to stop. Off the top of my head: The Cross-Stitcher, Crazy for Cross Stitch, Stoney Creek, Just Cross Stitch, Beadwork, House Beautiful (hahaha), Real Simple, In Style (again, hahahaha), and Budget Living. I'd love to get National Geographic at some point but that's a pretty penny.

Q2: Which do you think has a more profound impact in the world... 1. People and institutions operating from a standpoint of fear (meaning, people or organizations doing things for fear of something else happening if they do not); or, 2. Our individual and collective impatience as a society?
I'm not sure. They both have major impacts, but I believe people doing things out of fear has more of a negative impact and people doing things because they want to has more of a positive impact. If you compare the space race, you'll find that yes, Russia at first was ahead of the US. If they did anything wrong they pretty much disappeared. However, when the US got its act together and did it because they wanted to live up to Kennedy's goal to get to the moon by the end of the decade, they got ahead. Granted, there were some goofs along the way but in the end they prevailed (although I'm sure money has something to do with it as well.)

Q3: Do you use fabric softener when you do laundry? If so, do you prefer the liquid kind that gets added to the wash, or are you more of the sheet type which gets added to the laundry as it goes into the dryer?
Yes, especially in the winter because of all the static. I prefer sheets because the stuff that goes in the washer doesn't seem to help with the static. I get literally shocked by almost everything in the dry weather -- including wooden doors and plants (no joke) so the less static electricity around me the better!

Q4: Are there any foods that are widely held as being common everyday eats which you've never been able to bring yourself to try even once?
Scrapple comes to mind. It's something that seems to be prevalent mostly in the PA area and is made up of leftovers, if ya know what I mean. I can't stand to smell it cooking and I've lived here 8 years now and have never tried it. I plan on going the rest of my life without trying it. I'm not crazy about hot dogs either, but once in a while I'll eat one. That's enough "scraps" for me.


  • At 9:13 PM, Blogger Faith Ann said…

    I love magazines too. I only have one stitching mag subscription (Stoney Creek), but I have several cooking magazine subscriptions and a couple on parenting.

  • At 5:05 PM, Blogger Mindy said…

    Subscriptions are one of my downfalls. I really like getting non-bill stuff in the mail and love magazines. Those subscriptions add up though.


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