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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Land lover or water baby?

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I'm a total water baby! In fact, I think I was born into the wrong species. When I was younger I was a dolphin, now I'm more like a manatee: slow-moving, rather round but still cute in an odd sort of way.

The first time we went to the lake after I'd learned to walk I kept going into the water. My mom saw me the first time and thought I'd stop after it got above my feet because it was a cold lake, but no, I just kept going in above my head and she was right there and fished me out. Two seconds later I was trying to go back for more! I was always a naturally fast swimmer and in high school was competitive. I swam everything, but my breast stroke was never quite right. I swam the IM sometimes, but that darn stroke always hurt my time. I was mostly a freestyler and backstroker, and my butterfly was pretty good, too. I'm also more of a sprinter. I did OK in the 200 and 500, but I could really go nuts in the 50 and 100. There's something about just hauling ass across a pool and not having to worry about pacing myself that really gave me a kick. Of course, the fastest short distance I ever swam was when I was at practice and somebody yelled, "There's a snake in the pool!" I probably hit a world record in those 15 yards to the edge of the pool :-)


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