Mindy Memories

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Daydreaming on paper

List 15 things that are good for the soul.

1. a hot bubblebath for relaxation
2. helping somebody, rather a friend or through volunteer work
3. daily random acts of kindness
4. pay it forward (kinda goes with no. 3 but a little different)
5. spending time alone to collect your thoughts and regroup
6. having some sort of hobby in which you an lose yourself, artsy or not
7. getting enough exercise so you feel good
8. contact with family and friends
9. learning that you don't have to keep up with the neighbors
10. remembering that when things are bad, there are others who probably have it worse
11. having a pet (for me, anyway -- not for everybody)
12. having friends of different ages, younger and older
13. spending a day or two without getting on the computer
14. realizing that friends can disagree and still be friends, if it's not a "you're stupid for believing that" kinda thing
15. a walk in the early morning after a snowfall when it's quiet and few cars are out


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