Mindy Memories

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Sunday's meme

1. Do you bag groceries in paper or plastic?
Either is fine, since I tend to use both around the house.
2. What CD is in your CD player at this moment?
Let's see. I was in a Rush mood the other day, so Vapor Trails, Rush, Power Windows, Moving Pictures and 2112. We only have the 5-disk changer (not that I'm complaining).
3. What is your favorite Orlando Bloom movie?
I guess LOTR, although I don't watch it because he's in it. I don't go goo-goo over most actors.
4. How many shot glasses do you own?
Probably about 30 between the two of us. I buy one when I go someplace new plus Tim collects Jack Daniels stuff. Aren't we classy? LOL
5. Do you read the Bible and how often?
I don't read it very often at all, probabaly less than once a month. It's something I need to work on.


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