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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Met Mayor-Elect Michael Nutter today...

not that he'll remember me or know me from anyone else, lol.

I'm a member of the Philadelphia Public Relations Association, along with the rest of my department. As a member, I had the opportunity to attend a discussion with the people behind Nutter's mayoral campaign. It was very interesting, and I also like hearing him speak. He seems very comfortable around people and actually has quite a sense of humor. They were discussing how they kept to the plan on how to spend their campaign money, even though for most of the campaign for the Democratic nomination he was in 4th or 5th place. It obviously worked -- he got the Democratic nomination and then won the mayoral election.

Afterwards, he went around talking to everyone (it was a small group) and I was with my boss who introduced herself to him, as did I. Like I said, I'm sure he didn't remember me 5 minutes later -- I mean, how many people does the man meet on a daily basis? -- but it was neat to meet him. I think he's going to do good things for the city.



  • At 12:47 AM, Anonymous Dianne said…

    I think it's neat you got to meet Mr. Nutter. It's not an everyday thing!
    BTW, how about the MacDade Mall being used as the Mark Wahlberg set? Ha!

  • At 2:12 AM, Blogger Sweet Pea said…

    I think he'll be good for the city too. I don't think John Street and his crowd have done much to make it a better place to live. However, I question Nutter's taste since he's supporting Hilary. I'm not a fan.


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