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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Just found out that Tim was a businessman as a kid

This is funny! We were watching the third season DVDs of Seinfeld last night, specifically the episode where Kramer buys the faulty condoms and gives one to George before he knows they are defective. Jerry's stand-up is about going to a drugstore and having a secret signal so the guy behind the counter knows you need condoms because people don't like buying them.

So, Tim says, "I never had a problem buying them. I used to make the teenagers pay me $5 to buy their condoms when I was 11." Oh. My. God. So, I wonder if the cashier thought that he was having sex all over the place when he was only 11, or if they figured he was making a profit from it. I remember his mom saying he liked to hang out in front of the Rite Aid, now I know why!

Yes, seems that Tim was quite the young entrepreneur LOL!


  • At 1:02 PM, Blogger Christine said…

    That is a funny story about Tim's entrepeneurial days! :)

    I used to work as a cahier at a small-town drugstore. One day, this boy who looked to be about 11 or 12 came in, and he bought a 3-pack of Trojans. I thought he was a little young to be buying condoms, but I didn't blink an eye...if he was having sex at such a young age, I'd rather see him using protection than not. So I took his money, put the condoms into a brown paper bag, and he went on his way.

    The cashier stand was near the front door of the store, and a few seconds later, I heard a lot of laughing outside. I didn't have any more customers at the moment, so I took a peek. The boy was holding up the box of condoms in front of two friends, who were about the same age...it turned out he had come in and bought them on a dare from the friends. They were all laughing their heads off. He then opened the box, handed a condom to each friend, and they proceeded to open the up and blow them up like balloons!

    It was funny, and I was glad to see that this boy wasn't having sex...yet. I hope he felt comfortable about buying condoms when he was ready to use them for their intended purpose!


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